Getting Started

Clienation is 100% adjustable to boost your sales and business processes

From Nonintegrated To Unsegregated

Secure Data

Strict security standards: security backups, database copying, access restriction to individual IP addresses.

Reliable System Operation

We take care of the servers and all the necessary infrastructure leaving you to focus on your business.

Customizable System

Clienation can adapt to your specific business processes and requirements, so it will contain exactly what you need, when you need it.

User Rights

Restrict access rights to individual parts of your system for users or groups, based on any criteria.

Sort your Database

We provide a detailed overview of customers, potential customers, and all relevant contacts in one place that will save time for you and your associates.

A secure 128-bit SSL connection

All data between Clienation and the user is encrypted using SSL protocols.

Make The Right Decisions

Our reports give you an accurate overview of your sales channel so you can make the best possible decisions all the time.

Win Sales Opportunities

Effective supervision and closing of sales opportunities will increase the number of successful transactions your business can make.